Engineers who are true experts.

From compiling exact specifications needed for a project, to engineering the final product and developing the software to run it all, our experienced engineers offer a wide range of capabilities to get the job done right. In fact, our expertise in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering ensures we can handle your toughest projects, while our experience in design, displays, graphics, lighting and assembly has led to our reputation as an all-in-one shop who can
handle it all.

Our engineering
expertise includes:

  • Automotive software development
  • Electro-mechanical design
  • Mechanical assembly and
    plastic design
  • Vehicle lighting development
  • Graphic artwork and rendering
  • Custom manufacture tooling
  • Prototyping and fabrication

Automotive Electronics

Engineered to the highest standards.

Our in-house electronics capabilities include everything from developing requirements based on a vehicle's specs, to complete electrical product architecture, schematic designs, PCB layouts and more. Additionally, our engineering team will design and develop the proper electrical functionality needed for your vehicle using our advanced knowledge of available technology, industry requirements and environmental standards.

Software Development

Managing your vehicle management systems.

Because today's instrument clusters take on a much broader role in a vehicle's internal communications—including engine control plus a wide range of subsystems—our in-house software development team ensures that our clusters work seamlessly with your vehicle's management system.

We speak your vehicle's language.

That's why we're proud to offer extensive design experience in microprocessor control and embedded source code development, using both high and low-level programming languages such as C/C++ and assembly codes. In fact, most of our software development is custom, driven by customer and vehicle needs that demand a high level of functionality, but with flexible parameters that utilize data bus communication and Flash-enabled memory to enable future updates and rapid changes.

Vehicle Lighting & Optics

We know what lights your world.

Our extensive lighting experience covers everything from bright, multi-colored illumination to the latest "heads-up" optics and displays. So whether your specs call for warning indicators, uniform backlight graphics, digital color displays, projected driver information, or just about any other lighting requirement, our design team offers the expertise and attention to detail to make your vision a reality.

Product Assemblies

Our assemblies live up to the toughest conditions.

At Simco, we specialize in custom assemblies that adhere to your specific requirements for size, weight, materials and features, while maintaining proper tolerances for mounting and vehicle interfacing.
Additionally, our assemblies are designed to
provide a Class A surface for trim,
texture and style, yet are also
robust enough to protect
delicate internal components from
vibrations, shock and a wide range of
temperature extremes.

Graphic Artwork & Rendering

We'll literally paint you a picture.

With in-house capabilities that can provide detailed graphics and 3D product renderings from concept through completion, we'll help you see exactly what the end result will be well before we build it.

And because every rendering is reviewed and approved by our design team, we can guarantee that your final product will meet every expectation.